What Care and Maintenance is required for a Siena® Awning?

To operate at it’s best, Siena® Folding Arm Awnings need to be clean and free of debris. It is recommended to periodically remove any dirt or soiling from the arms and brackets with any exposed hardware wiped down with a soft brush or clean cloth.

The awning has a water drain function designed in the front rail extrusion that collects water which is then ejected at each side of the front rail. Periodically checking the groove and cleaning any residue from the channel or side will ensure that moisture will continue to flow as required.

Never use abrasive sponges or solvent type cleaners (turps, kerosene, paint thinners) on componentry or Powder Coated surfaces. Using such agents will void the warranty.

Once a year, before summer open the awning half-way and lubricate all moving parts with a proprietary silicone spray (use in accordance with the silicone spray suppliers’ recommendations, which includes testing a small inconspicuous area first to ensure no detrimental side effects).

Every 2 years the Siena® Folding Arm Awnings must be serviced by the dealer who installed it originally or a similar experienced awning technician. Failure to do so will void the warranty.

Can a Siena® Awning be used in extreme weather?

Siena® Folding Arm Awnings are designed to be operated in still or very moderate winds.

All Siena® Folding Arm Awnings should be immediately retracted in the event of a storm or high wind environment.

They should always be fully retracted in heavy rain and never operated during extreme weather events as it can cause damage to property and persons. Operating the awning during such Weather events will void the warranty.

Can Siena® Awnings be motorised?

It is highly recommended to motorise your folding arm awning so it can be fitted with motion and wind sensors to help automate the awning and offer some additional protection with retraction during windy periods.

What safety devices are recommended for Siena® Folding Arm Awnings?

All safety devices are an aid only and are no guarantee against damage as awnings take up to 40 seconds to retract once triggered.

Wind Sensors or Motion sensors (Optional) are designed to activate under windy conditions and close your awning automatically.

Rain Sensors (Optional) are set to activate in heavy rain events. They will automatically close an awning after a set amount of rain is detected.

Manual Override (Optional) is recommended for power failure events. It allows an emergency close of the awning via a crank handle. Check with your dealer on when required.



How long is the Siena® Folding Arm Awning warranty?

If cared for properly and given basic maintenance, your Siena® Folding Arm Awning will operate problem free for many years. It has a 5 year warranty against defective parts or workmanship in normal use and service . Exclusions apply* ….

What exclusions apply?

The following will void the warranty:

  • If the Siena® Folding Arm Awning is installed incorrectly and not in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If the Siena® Folding Arm Awning is not used in accordance with its intended design and outside of its recommended applications. This expressly includes not hanging from or placing anything on the arms, rail, brackets, or any other part of the awning system. Serious risk of personal injury or damage to the awning can also result.
  • Operation of the awning during extreme weather events.
  • If the product has been altered, tampered with, or damaged by any means.
  • If individual components have been used outside of specification or to perform a function not fit for purpose.
  • If the Siena® Folding Arm Awning has not been adequately treated in accord with manufacturers care and maintenance recommendations.
  • If the scheduled 2 year service maintenance program is missed by an authorised, experienced awning technician.
  • Use of abrasive sponges or solvent type cleaning agents (turps, kerosene, paint thinners) on componentry or powder coated surfaces will void the warranty.

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